Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yes, I am still here...

It has been a crazy few weeks. Right now I am just grateful that I have only three weeks of school until the two week winter break.

Not that it is not going to be chocked full of appointments. I am managing to schedule all manner of doctor's visit in before the first of the year. Jimmy will be getting set five of ear tubes two days before Christmas. I feel pretty horrible putting him through surgery right before Santa, but he had two ear infections in five weeks in October/early November. I think having him on antibiotics so frequently is not good for him. So we go forward with round five...

I thought I was going to wind up under the knife as well. I went to a GYN because they found endometrial cells in my last pap (in the continuing quest to figure out where my abdominal pain is coming from) and I am back on birth control pills. He thinks endometriosis is unlikely, but I went mid-cycle and he was shocked at how I described my cycles. So even though my tubes are tied, I am on the pill again to regulate my cycles. He also has me thinking about a uterine ablation, which means that I would never get the monthly again (or if I did, it would be a shadow of its former self.) It is something to think about and I am doing just that... I will likely decide over the next few days. Even though I have no intention of having children again (thus the tubes being tied), the ablation further cements that decision. For a woman, it's pretty major. But I every 21 days, I am completely debilitated for a day or two by this function of nature. Maybe I shouldn't tinker with nature, but in terms of quality of life, getting those days back, even that whole week back where I don't go to the gym or the pool and I avoid really physical things... maybe it is worth it for me, worth it for my kids. But turning your back forever on the whole childbearing thing... It's hard... T, your thoughts would be appreciated!!!

All is going well in autism world, at least in mine. The Virginia bill that would mandate coverage made it out of the commission mid-month and will go a subcommittee and the hopefully the floor of the General Assembly. Just making it out of the commission is HUGE! Also, on November 5th, Barack Obama and Sen. Durbin introduced the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2008, which addresses health insurance (though I am unclear if it just federal policies or what) and other issues related to the research and treatment of autism. The change that was most important for me and my son began the day after Obama's election. That is just huge. Talk about keeping your campaign promises!!!! I know there is some legislative assistant sitting on the Hill who worked his butt of drafting this - to him and his colleagues, I say thank you!!!! Hopefully, this can be passed and fully funded and implemented. You know the minute insurance companies have to pay for treating autism, there will be more money and time invested to finding treatments and cures for kids like Jimmy. Insurance companies would rather find a cure than throw money at kids like my son forever. I truly believe with action, it can happen.

Jimmy also had his first IQ test, to rule out mental retardation. It is sort of a requirement before we get him on the developmental delay waivers list to get additional help for him. They did. The report states that he is at least of average intelligence. IQ tests generally have sections that rely on verbal responses and others that are task driven. Jimmy can't do much with a verbal response, so to get an average score, it means he had to blow away that which required demonstration. I am thrilled with the results. Again, if there is a treatment or a cure that make him less stimmy, more verbal, more normal, have at least an average IQ gives him a place to begin in learning skills and being able to be a contributing member of society.

That's all I have for now. I owe you all some pictures and will try to get them up in the next day or so. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys the next few weeks as we roll on into the end of the year.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Vomit Comet

I apologize for my lack of posting. I am enrolled in an online class and it is kicking my butt.

There is nothing like starting your morning at the ungodly hour of 1:30 with the realization that your child has joined you. Oh, and the fact you have become privy to that little tidbit because he threw up in the bed next to you. I was up changing the bed, washing Jacob and the sheets. A few minutes later, the drill started again as he anointed the foam Batman couch - I will be replacing that, because there comes a time when you can't wash things anymore and expect them to be okay. It's obviously a stomach bug - he keeps "tooting" and running to the toilet. As long as he doesn't throw up again, I am happy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's Transition Website

Barack Obama has a transition website at apparently you can communicate to the incoming administration, so I am going to remind them of the promises of helping families with special needs. That is the change we need...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Love it, T!!!

For T especially, but really all the ladies...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Greeting from the sick ward...

We all have it now. Jimmy has been up and down all day, fairly whiny, and a running nose. Jacob and dh have mild symptoms as well. I have done fairly well all day, but now that the evening is wearing on, I am feeling icky again. I have to write an answer to a discussion class with citations, so it isn't like I don't have stuff to do. But between Jimmy lying on me and my desire to nod off, I am getting very little done. (But, I am still posting, so what does that say?)

Friday, November 07, 2008

For Becky...

My sister is working on a paper and presentation for her undergrad on autism and she needed to know which states actually cover autism specifically (as we are trying to do in Virginia), so here it is...

Sick Day

I am home... I was feeling badly when I got home yesterday, but got a second wind a little while later. I woke up this morning and really tried to get going, but couldn't. After my shower, I called the sub line and hopped back into bed for a little while. After getting the boys to school and checking in at work, I ran out to Walmart to get cold medicine. Now I am sitting in my easy chair, waiting for relief.


Thursday, November 06, 2008


I haven't posted in almost a week. I am back taking a class again, trying to finish off the requirements of my professional credentials. I have also picked up a nasty cold. My voice is fading in and out, always a little worse after the younger kids come to the library. It's been a busy week.

Well, Barack Obama is our next president. I hope that the world will improve a bit. Though we are weathering it well, my dh did get laid off this year. I think the troubles with the economy touch everyone. Jimmy's stuff... well, I am hoping that IDEA doesn't remain an unfunded mandate from the federal government and children like my son get the help they need. I hope that with a leader of vision, this government will start to have a vision for these kids as they grow into adults that will create a place for them in society where they can grow, contribute, and thrive. A government that might truly look into a cause and cure for kids like my son. I hope for all these things and think that we will have a better chance of seeing these things now.

And Obama getting elected isn't even the biggest thing to happen this week... Jimmy is asking to use the bathroom at school. That's almost more miraculous than having someone who isn't a white male elected president!