Monday, August 13, 2012

CNN Romney/Ryan Medicaid article

From CNN: "An Urban Institute analysis of Ryan's budget proposal from last year found block grants would lead states to drop between 14 million and 27 million people from Medicaid by 2021 and cut reimbursements to health care providers by 31%."

Ayn Rand Fanboy for VP

Paul Ryan loves her.  She believed in eugenics and "Rand dismissed the feminist movement as "false" and "phony," denigrated both Arabs and Native Americans  as "savages" (going so far as to say the latter had no rights and that Europeans were right to take North American lands by force) and  expressed horror that taxpayer money was being spent on government programs aimed at educating "subnormal children" and helping the handicapped." (Article here.)  I could have stomached Romney before (he might have been a good president), but with Ryan, I see no future for my child or our family.  I have already had people express these sentiments to me (strangers and acquaintances) before, that my son was a waste of tax money, that he should have been genetically testing and dealt with.  With Ryan, I am starting to feel a little like "The Handmaid's Tale."  The one thing I have taken from this weekend's happenings: we need a third party in this political system that represents the center thinking and not the extremes.  We need a little sanity. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

When your child's autistic, you want anyone but a Republican in office (actually, there are lots of Democrats who suck for our kids too)

Kudos the 1%, so eloquently represented by Jenna Jameson, who reminded the world what was truly important:

'When You're Rich, You Want A Republican In Office'

Thanks for that, Jenna.  I know he appreciates your supports, as you a job creator for many, how do you say, fluffers out there.  Important work, I know.  Tax breaks for job creation in the porn industry will results in further cuts to the social safety net, including Medicaid, which sustains people with severe disabilities.  That is a cornerstone of his campaign (throwing people like my son under the bus), as well as belief of some of his supporters (who have approached me saying that my son is a tax burden, care of people like him isn't provided in the Constitution, and I should have selected him out of the gene pool through prenatal testing.)  I won't say that Democrats are universally better because they aren't - no one is supportive of our community until they have lived the experience.  

Completely out of the blue, my mother (who is more conservative every time we talk) said after a trip with us that both the Obamas and Romneys should be responsible for the care of my son for one week, that the national conversation about supports for children and adults like Jimmy would be very different.  So after the convention, give us a call.  

I would even think about loaning him to Jenna, with supervision, so she could see that there is more to her vote than just her taxes.  The social safety net, education, public safety...  Jenna and her man Tito Ortiz wouldn't make it a day taking care of a kid like mine.