Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mother drowns child with autism: I love Scarlett, I hate autism

This story kind of rattled me after my afternoon with Jimmy.  I had to carry him out of Fair Oaks with E's help.  His adaptive stroller is dead, so we tried an outing without it.  Never again.  It was so bad, security came around to see what was up.  Horrifying.  He's eight.  What happens when he is eighteen?  

We go on Friday to see about a new stroller.  If we don't get one through insurance, I don't know if I can leave my house with him again.

She's back...

It's been a long two months...

School's out for the boys and all but over for me.  I think I have avoided this blog because I have just been overwhelmed emotionally.  We got the gift of a week overseas (my first) for our tenth anniversary and all of the sudden, it was, get your passport, get your affairs, in order, you are getting on a plane that goes over the ocean.  I panicked.  I think the reality of 40 hit too. My mortality hit me like a brick and I was in a two month tailspin.  Work and school board were only diversionary to the anxiety that has consumed me.  Even though I have a little part time job doing some clerical stuff at the high school while Jimmy is in summer school and Jacob is in camp, I feel like the pressure is off.  Time isn't moving so quickly.  I can deal again.  I am not as raw a nerve. 

Katie, the middle of the niece's, is coming to help me this week - with the cat, she brings the estrogren level into balance in the house.  It's nice.  I pick her up in a couple of hours. 

So with summer upon us, IEPs completed, Jimmy is now a third grade, Jacob is moving into the first, and my blog is back.