Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gifted? Autistic? Or Just Quirky?

The first of the articles the Post ran in the Health section today. The second is a little more interesting to me... It's called Rare No More. The author speaks of his daughter, who was diagnosed in the early 1990's, when it occurred in three of 10,000 children. Now it's 1 in 150.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

More snow...

Although, this time I am hoping for a delay, so I can sleep a little longer after the Oscars! Boys are a little stir crazy today.

The update with the Jimmy meeting. They told me sometimes he snaps the belt on the Rifton chair, sometimes they do, just to get him to stay. I told them to move away from the chair and work with the Matthew's Center therapists to get him to do it. I probably should have done what was suggested and tell them no more chair, but I took the middle ground. I am still really mixed on the whole subject.

I met with the head of Special Programs the next day to talk about that meeting and getting Jimmy more services. He is putting him up for FAPT again, this time for VABA with a speech therapist. The public hearing on the school budget is in two weeks and I am getting ready for it now. I will definitely be there - they have to raise the level of services they are providing. Alex, the reporter who put all that hard work into Jimmy's story, found that Manassas Park only spends half what Manassas City spends on children with autism. I don't care how small we are, but if they can afford a new building, they can dig a little deeper and pay for the education Jimmy and his classmates need, with direct and consultative ABA services as well as parent training.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"In My Language" Video

I am going to processing what I saw in this video for a week.

Meet the Rifton Chair

This is the beasty... there is a belt in addition to the tray as well as a pad between the legs.

More on the meeting later.... Jacob is melting down.

Sulu takes on Tim Hardaway

George is the best!!!!

If you are interested in my George story, go here...


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rifton Chair

I get to meet with my son's school regarding the use of the Rifton chair - it's a mechanical restraint that is used to keep him sitting (think high chair) instead of having him learn to sit and attend. Apparently it's illegal. So I get to go talk to them about it. My son's therapists, who said they would go with me, have now backed out, citing conflict of interest. I am furious.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I don't have to work tomorrow - my school will be closed. But, Jimmy's school is open. Jacob will go to daycare. What does that mean? I have the day off!!! Granted, some of that will be spent on housework (namely cleaning their room - impossible to do with them around), but I am going to read, do some collection development, and plan my garden. Oh, I am happy, happy, happy!!!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stimmy Jimmy

His stimming behaviors have increased lately. He was under the weather this week, so I am thinking it has something to do with it. But he is stimming with his toys more and talking less. Hopefully next week will be a better week....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Autism Rate in US Higher Than Thought

"The largest U.S. study of childhood autism to date has found that about 1 in 150 have the disorder — a higher prevalence than previous national estimates."

I knew it would go up sooner rather than later...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Snow Day...

Jimmy's second day off school in a row. He has a cold and is pretty miserable. I kept Jacob home out of convenience - I don't want to commit to having to go out to today. I don't like cold and snow. Fortunately, we don't get it all that often.

Jimmy is increasingly scripting his language, especially through song. I guess any language is good, but it is a little weird to hear him quote something that you have heard on TV in response to a question.

More later... Jacob is screaming at me. I swear that is the kid's only volume.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Update

Things have gotten busy yet again. Jimmy's lead therapist met with the head of Special Programs and switched our services from 2 hours of direct service to 4 hours of consultative a week. She had some good points in her argument for doing it, but I am still uneasy. Consulting doesn't ensure that things actually get done. Additionally, what we are getting is still less than other jurisdictions - he needs direct and consultative services. No school system should be allowed to plead poverty when this is what constitutes "a free and appropriate education" for my child. Especially when they have so many capital expenditures...

Jimmy is doing well, though. He is still pooping in the toilet. He hasn't mastered wiping though - I'll spare you the details on that. Jacob is just Jacob. He and I battle every morning getting dressed and dropping him off at daycare. It is quite honestly the worst part of my day. His favorite teacher Shannon's last day was Friday, so I think it will be an even bigger battle of the wills now. Jimmy's signed up for spring soccer and, in the interest of equity, I am looking around for something for Jacob to do. I have to fit it in around my class though. I thought life would slow down post-graduation.