Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You can never win...

So I was an hour into my day, sitting in a meeting at another school, when I was pulled out by a secretary.  Jimmy's school was trying to reach me - he got a stomach bug and had thrown up.  After today, I am now down to slightly less than a day of sick leave with about 30 school days to go.  I pretty much got killed covering DH's surgeries this year (can I say again how complete.  It's annoying.  I ran into Jimmy's principal when I picked him up - she said as a working mom, you often have to be two places at once and you never feel like you are at the right one when you choose.  Family comes first, but I do think she is right on this.  You feel by taking care of one, you are neglecting the other.  It is extremely difficult.  

He is doing okay right now.  Teletubbies is on.  He's happy.  I am doing what I can around the house and keeping the e-mail fires burning. 

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