Friday, July 01, 2011

What is wrong with this world?

From Daily Press comments' section on a special education article:

Americanborn at 7:47 AM July 1, 2011 Face it, go visit a school of your choice and realize that certain "so-called students" should not even be there in the first place!  Many babies, if they were born in the animal world, would be eaten by their mothers or left to die a quick death.  If doctors would do their job and focus on "QUALITY OF LIFE" society would not be faced with the is dilemna.  It sickens me to see parents demanding that the world bows to the astronomical expense of HELPING THEM RAISE A CHILD that they can't take care of from the "get go".  It sickens me to see parents struggling to make decisions regarding certain children as to who will take care of them when they are gone.  Ask yourself one question before you judge my post....IF GIVEN A CHOICE...WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE A DAY LIKE THIS....A WEEK LIKE THIS?????   Me, I wouldn't last an hour!

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