Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Chloe...

Mistakes were made... and I made them.

Yesterday I was meeting Jimmy's bus up at the park, as I have done since DH started working downtown. As any good mom does, I was multitasking, cleaning out the car while getting ready to leave. As I walked back to the car, I heard a little meow. This kitten came charging after me, a young little thing. She follows me up to my car, meowing the whole time, finally trying to get in. I pick her up. She is scrawny and I can tell she has fleas. She never balked at getting picked up. Jacob's eyes got wide and shouts "Kitty!!!" I could have left her there... wait, no I couldn't. I figured given the time of the year, she was part of an outdoor litter, possibly wild. I went by the book - I called animal control, reported the find, and even provided the photo. The chances of anyone claiming her is slim (especially after I present them with the $150 vet bill), so we will call her Chloe.

I have missed Buster every day since I had to put her down. I had wondered where, when and how I would find another pet. I didn't have to look - she found me. Both boys are completely smitten, but Jimmy just lights up with her around. He is a little less hands on (meaning less pestering) than Jacob, but he plays with her and pets her so nicely. And she seems to dig it. She is what I needed, when I needed it.

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