Friday, February 20, 2009

Parents Sue Kaiser

And I applaud them for it. I have a special disdain for Kaiser. They drug their feet on Jimmy's diagnosis, took too long to give a referral on the whole ear thing, and inserted his ear tubes incorrectly on two occasions. More relevant in this case is Kaiser and all other insurers in California are mandated to provide care. They are passing it back to the schools, saying it isn't their responsibility. Ridiculous.

I will always err on the side of Kaiser being inept at meeting the needs of its members, but I will say that this case and so many like them is the whole reason for research. I think the vaccine issue and the fear of litigation on the part of the medical industry has really diminished their interest in support research into autism. This is a medical condition - the denial of this on the part of the insurance industry is the only thing that has spared them from having to meet the medical treatment needs of children with autism. The only thing I think the insurance industry would support is the development of prenatal diagnostic testing so that children with autism would be "selected" out of the gene pool. I would put money on seeing that long before we see better treatments for children with autism.

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