Sunday, January 05, 2014

Realityblah's Rules of the Road

Since I am just starting blogging again after a long break, I guess I should explain why I moderate my comments.  It started as a spam block, but I have utilized a few time to not post comments.  From time to time, someone will leave me personal contact information that I don't think should be posted generally.  Sometime is to delete nonconstructive, anonymous or rude comments.  I won't block you because you don't agree with me - ask Chuck.  Chuck used to comment on my political stuff all the time and clearly he didn't agree with me - but he did so respectfully, using a consistent identification and IP address.  But if you post calling disabled parents whiners without a name, yes, I am not posting it.  If you want a dialogue about why I feel the way I do and share your viewpoints, I will do that all day long - as you attempt to be civil, respectful, and consistent and honest in your identification through profile, name, or handle.  If you are a lobbyist and don't declare it, I will call you out (that's happened before too...)

I have more respect who comes to me in person and says something outright hurtful ("Isn't there prenatal testing for that?" and "It's irresponsible to bring a disabled kid into the world and expect my tax dollars to take care of him.  You should have had an abortion." - experienced both) than someone being rude or dishonesty behind the anonymity of a keyboard.

My blog, my rules....

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