Monday, January 06, 2014

Why what Disney is doing matters?

I wanted to address this point, but I remembered that this blogger really has said much of it...

That isn't to say that I don't have more to say.  I can always find more to say.  But this post is a good start.

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Autism United said...

I remember when this all hit the fan originally and I was shocked to hear of people being hired to fake a disability to get fast track or back stage entrance into Disney. How low can one human being stumble. And then to take it away entirely for those for actually need and appreciate because of these selfish individuals. They aren't the punished ones. And I am surprised Disney didn't just change to capture the fakes.
For sure, how many families save and save and this is maybe a once in a lifetime vacation and now they can still go if their child is able to cope, when once upon a time they wouldn't of had to. A real shame! Disney helped so many children and young adults enjoy a wonderful day and brought so many dreams.
My family and I don't want to go to Disney again knowing I guess we just aren't really welcome anymore, unless of course we are normal. And I actually thought we were pretty normal considering. And really what is normal?