Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Sunday

Well, the husband officially has a job again. He starts on Tuesday. I think he may have another job offer coming as well. If it arrives, we will deal with it - for the time being, the mortgage is definitely not to be sweated. The benefits aren't great, but the commute is an improvement for him. I am pleased that he is getting back to work.

Jacob just left with his dad to go to the in-law's house overnight. I am sort of sad that my baby is leaving, even for 24 hours. I like a break every so often too, but a piece of me is missing when I am not with my kids. I get Jimmy to keep me company. He is actually in therapy right now, but as soon as that is over, I am taking him to run errands. I am tentatively planning on going to church tonight, but I am going to see how much I get done. We are working on getting Jimmy set up in his own room right now, but it involves cleaning out a room (my office) that has been nothing more than a dumping ground for the longest time. I think being down to one will afford me the opportunity to get a lot done.

Jimmy seems to be okay on the Lexapro. I am getting it down him effectively, which is always the biggest challenge. I think it will be a few weeks before we see any impact, so I have the teacher and therapists on alert for data collection and just any anecdotal stuff regarding his behaviors, especially the anxiety and OCD stuff. He had an accident free Friday at school and aftercare, which was great. Time will tell if there is a correlation between the two.

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