Monday, February 04, 2008

Mac Mini Disaster

As I reported earlier, Jimmy has become much more proficient in his computer ability with all of his surfing and such.  The one thing Jimmy has not mastered is ejecting disks from the Mac.  We found out the hard way when the husband tried to use the computer to find it jammed.  Jimmy had stuck his new shark DVD on top of his Spiderman DVD.  I got a panicked phone call while I was at Tysons (location of the Apple Store) with Jacob for Jimmy's respite day at McLean.  We were just wandering the mall anyway, but I had to go to the store, schedule an appointment for later in the afternoon, drive back to Manassas to get the computer and drop Jacob off, then return for Jimmy, and then to kill an hour waiting for the appointment, then waiting 30 more minutes in the store as the Genius Bar was running late.  That's a long wait for Jimmy, but he did well - or at least was doing well until I got him back to a car and realized he had an accident during the wait...  He had started to cry while we were waiting, but I assumed it was just the wait.  I felt so awful.  
At any rate, Genius Bar guy couldn't help, so the guy took in the unit so one of their technicians could pop the top off (not as easily done with a Mac as a PC.)  He said it would be two or three days, but we got a phone call last night saying it was ready.  Another drive to Tysons and $85 later, we have our computer back.  I would love to still have that $85, but at least he didn't fry out the drive.
Pictures from the escapade...

Jacob at lunch... the one luxury I afforded myself.  He wasn't horrible, but I have had time better well behaved with me.

Jimmy playing the Star Wars Lego game in the Apple Store.  Yes, I still have to use a stroller from time to time.  A hour and a half wait in the mall.. yeah, I used it.  I need to clean that tray up - it still has stickers from the fall campaigns.

I need a weekend off to recover from my weekend!

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