Monday, March 03, 2008

Goodbye Neighbors

The neighbors who bought my BFF's house moved out over the weekend. Their house is listed as a short sale. I kind of figured the two in between us would go out, just because they bought high in the hey day of the ARM loans. I didn't figure that these particular neighbors would. It is going to make it that much harder to sell to move to the other side of town. The upside is that parking will dramatically improve around here. Okay, the spots are still numbered, so it really isn't much of an upside. I really liked them (the husband was a big MMA fan, so we had been social with him a bit), so I was sad to see them leave.

Jimmy had FAPT today. We cut back on the consult, but kept in home the same. He has mastered his sitting for 45 seconds goal, so we are going to expand on that and some of his language as well. Progress is incremental in our world. At least we are making it. And we have a med check on him this week, his first, so I feel like we are slowly moving in the right direction.

Bed now. More later.

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