Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back at work...

And my life is still in boxes. I can't find my mom's library book (which I thought was in a box in my office.) I can't find my FIOS DVR, which I need to mail back in the next day or two. I can't find my big box of work shoes, which I really need out and about in the next week.

I am having a semi-serious health problem - looks like I am having my first serious outburst of colitis in many years. I haven't had a problem since I was a teenager and now I am living with a dull burning in my stomach and a few other unmentionable side affects, all from the enormous stress of the past few months. I am following up with a specialist - the downside is that I am getting another colonoscopy (a few years before I am due), the potential upside is since my stomach hurts every time I eat, I might lose a few more pounds.

Jimmy finished his summer stint at the Matthew Center. They were great. He is sharing daycare arrangements with Jacob next week, then it is back to school and aftercare. Jacob will be getting an afterschool sitter as well. I am still trying to figure out the morning thing - hopefully that will be made clearer to me before the end of this week. Since both have door-to-door service (Jacob because of age and Jimmy because of disability), their transportation schedules are different than the posted bus routes.

The joys of back to school...

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