Saturday, August 16, 2008

How's it going???

We're okay. There is so much to do to getting the old townhome ready to rent and getting unpacked here. I could use an extra week of vacation, but alas, I go back on Monday. I am trying to pace myself. Jimmy went to bed an hour ago, so I have about eight boxes in front of me to unpack as my goal as I watch Michael Phelps and (finally) Dara Torres. DH hates the Olympics, but I love it. I admire athletes - more than merely being thin or healthy (things I continue to aspire to), they have such command over their bodies, a command with which they do amazing things. Michael Phelps swims like he has gills. Gymnasts flip and fly effortlessly. I am watching the marathon right now. I can't imagine running 26 miles. And none of these women have iPods on! How the heck do you do that???

It has hardly been without stress, but I have enjoyed my break. I needed it. I will likely put in for summer school next year or really find a little better structure for my time in the absence of buying a house and moving, but I can't imagine not having a school schedule now. I have said it before, I love my job. I love the kids, the work, and the perks!!!

Jimmy has session tomorrow morning. Community outings to work on his elopement and seat time. Better get through those boxes quickly.

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