Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mommy Loves Her Boy

He is asleep again.  He crawled into the bed next to me to go to sleep.  Jacob is drifting off to a Thor DVD, but Jimmy always has to crash out next to me.  If I am downstairs, he sleeps on the couch.  If I am upstairs, he usually slides into bed next to me.  The boy is so perfect when he sleeps.  He is pretty much perfect most of the time... okay, that's not true.  But, he is a good kid.  He sat for two hours at Noodles & Co. tonight.  Granted, he had laptop time, but I was impressed.  I wish I could keep him young, sweet, and with me forever.  I do.  It's the one thing you can't predict - what this little boy with autism is going to look like as a man with autism.   What will that experience be for him, for us?  I wish to God I knew.  I think all parents want a crystal ball, but I think many have the luxury of looking forward with more hope and less trepidation.  I am sort of the reverse.  

I was now, but what I really want is sleep.  Good night, all...

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