Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why I am unhappy?

I get that way from time to time. And I have been one pissy lady this weekend. No two ways about it - I have. My kids weren't horrible while DH was in Chicago, but they were none stop. Especially Jacob. By Friday, I thought I lost my check card, reported it missing (I get a new card and new PIN this week), and found it hours later on my bookcase. When I got to National after nearly two hours on the road (it's a forty minute drive), Jimmy was completely out of his seatbelt and Jacob had literally chattered since we left the house. Nonstop. When my head hit the pillow, I was already asleep.

Saturday wasn't much of an improvement. My in-laws showed up to help DH get the theater seating for the mancave. They even bought another section for the room. I couldn't even get excited about it, as I was so burnt out and exhausted. I am a little embarrassed now that I couldn't be more enthusiastic for their visit. Today, DH took Jacob out, but I didn't feel like I could go anywhere, so I was just sort of stuck at home. I wanted to go somewhere that wasn't the inside of my house and I really wanted to do it by myself. So, now I am mentally stuck in this sort of sucky place where I need a break from everything and have no hope of getting it. I am supposed to work on Saturday at the reference desk - I am willing to count that as a break, even though it's work, but that's in jepoardy at the moment because DH is unavailable and I have to nail down a sitter.

I love my family, but I need to recharge a bit.

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