Sunday, April 05, 2009

More articles related to MHC and autism...

My dad's response to his little homework assignment... His isn't a doctor, but an extremely well read PhD, who was pre-med for his first few years of college. I wouldn't let him operate on me, but I think he understand the terminology and the theory behind medical scholarship.

"I read through the article. It suggests possibilities that are quite interesting. However, it is extremely technical. You might try the following.

I conducted a search of Google as follows:

Search terms: autism "HLA-B27"
This yields the following results:
HLA and Autism
Autism and Lyme
I suggest you read some of the articles. Perhaps you have hit on something important. While there is no cure at this time for diseases associated with HLA-B27, it may be possible to effect some improvement, even reversal, through development of stem cells that modify the histocompatibility antigen."

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