Saturday, February 13, 2010

Washington Post: Sarah Palin should beware of exploiting her youngest child

A great commentary on the whole Sarah Palin situation, sharing my favorite segment:
Palin wasn't wrong about the inappropriateness of the remark, for which the president apologized to the Special Olympics before the segment aired. But were her objections primarily those of a wounded mother -- or those of a heat-seeking politician? Will we be hearing from Palin every time someone uses the R-word or makes a lame joke? 
Well, no, not every time. When Rush Limbaugh used "retard," suggesting a "retard summit" at the White House, it was "satirical," Palin recently explained to her Fox News colleague, Chris Wallace. When Emanuel used it, it was name-calling. It isn't clear whether Palin considered Rush's memorable mimicry of Michael J. Fox's "fake" Parkinson's disease symptoms another demonstration of satire or mere hideous cruelty. 
Given that Palin obviously made an excuse for Limbaugh, whose stab at humor was nothing resembling satire, means that her "teachable moment" via Emanuel was really using her child as a political tool.

Thank you Kathleen Parker!!!!  And I didn't know that Limbaugh said that about Michael J. Fox...  how outrageously cruel a human being is he.  What sort of person is Sarah Palin (or anyone else for that matter) for defending someone who says stuff like that?  There are all sorts of great Republican women who are ready, willing, and able to be president.  Sarah Palin shouldn't be on that list right now if this is the type of person she supports.

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