Saturday, July 19, 2008

Even worse...

Michael Savage's son owns Rockstar Energy Drink.  

Why on earth is this upsetting to me?

My husband is the owner/admin of a mixed martial arts forum on the Internet.  We are huge fans of the sport and its various promotions, the UFC, EliteXC, Dream, Affliction and so on.  Not only does Rockstar sponsor all of these promotions but it sponsors several individual fighters as well. Everytime I see the Rockstar logo, I will think of Michael Savage's hateful comments toward my son, myself, and other families like ours.  It is tempting to use some of my connections in the sport to try to make a point.  If I don't, it is only because I am extremely busy with moving, becoming a landlord, being on the school board, going back to work for a new school year - all on top of being first and foremost a mom to my kids.  That's what important, more than insensitive twits like Savage.

Then again, when has being busy been an excuse for me?

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