Saturday, July 19, 2008

Michael Savage's Sponsors

Always deeply appreciate when people do the dirty work for me.  From this list, I am going to be contacting Prudential, with which we do business.  I can pull my accounts from there if I like.  And since FIOS isn't available at our new house and I don't want to go back to Comcast, that left Dish Network and DirecTV.  I guess Dish won't be getting my business.

Not that my little protest will accomplish anything, but at least I can feel like I did something.  

"Partial Client List of Advertisers on TRN Shows

Advertisers choose TRN Shows because our shows deliver return on 
investment while remaining economical. Our shows hosts support their 
sponsors and have loyal listeners that support the sponsors on their 
shows. Simply put, radio advertising on our shows works! Here's a 
partial list of our happy clients: 
American Express 
Boca Java 
Consolidated Resources 
Direct Buy 
Dish Network 
Ebay Motors 
General Motors 
Gallo Wines 
Legal Zoom 
Outback Steakhouse 
Purina One 
Simon & Schuster 
Texaco Chevron 
United First Financial 


Anonymous said...

As a parent of a daughter with Autism, I am incensed. I am on a mission to relieve “Mike of his Mic” I forced myself to listen to that filth last night to learn about his sponsors. His sponsors from last night's show are as follows:

Salon Pas
Select Quote
Iams Dog Food
Rite Aid
Direct Buy
US Census
Ad Council
Nevada State Corporate Network
Samuel Adams Beer
Church of LDS
BNI Foreclosure
Total Transformation (child therapy program)
American Diabetes Foundation
MD Anderson (Medical Center in Houston, Texas)
Eye-Q (speed reading program)

That was through the first two hours. I quit after that.

Greg Reich said...

I, too, have been keeping a list of his sponsors. We should coordinate our efforts, I think, because it's becoming obvious that he has different advertisers in different markets. My list for the Detroit market is at

Rachel said...

I was stunned to see the Mormons on anonymous' list. I am not a member personally, but I went to the church as a child and have very positive feelings about the church and its membership. I did an online chat with a member, which led me to their PR department. I spoke to an incredibly nice man named Tom. I told him about the show and he said "Now why are you listening that?" And I said "Apparently the Church is advertising on it!" He was stunned. If this anonymous poster checks back and can tell me what ad it was, that would be really helpful. Other research I did indicates that it could have been an ad to get a book, but I am unsure. Any additional information would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Write to MARK Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network. His email address is

CC the following email addresses while you are at it:,

Elissa said...

I am trying to find out sponsors in the OKC, OK, area. Will let you know if I find any.

Any ideas on the best way to find out, other than listening to his drivel later tonight? The internet and the radio station have not been very helpful. Well, the radio station tried to be helpful, but didn't have much info on hand.

Rachel said...

This was cut and pasted from an e-mail...

Two things -- the phones are back on apparently, as I just got through (though the operator sends you to a voicemail).

Also -- perhaps more importantly, I was able to find the direct e-mail address for Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network, which would be great if you could post on your blog for people to send him an e-mail. It is:

FYI said...

I'm trying to follow the money on his sponsors too. What's weird is there seems to be a lot of ads on for companies that when contacted deny that they're sponsors. I think either there's general sloppiness at the level of the radio station, or someone's running a bait and switch with the companies' advertising fees. Church of LDS, and the American Diabetes Foundation and some of the others may well be public service announcements. Budweiser (Anheiser Busch), Radio Shack, Home Depot, Geico and Aflac have all had recent ads on the show, despite the companies either giving press releases or sending emails disavowing support.

Anonymous said...

Great work, guys. Check out my Savage post at